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The Bachelorette

ABC Exec: Pool-Peeing Ryan Lochte Better for Bachelor Pad Than The Bachelor

Olympic sex god Ryan Lochte is the (very tasty) flavor of the minute thanks to his impressive swimming skills and impressively hilarious lack of skills when it comes to convincing anyone he’s not just a vanilla ice frat boy.

But he’s hot and that goes a long way. People keep throwing endorsements and reality show pitches at him and he even told The Today Show he’s considering both Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor. So that’s a win for ABC either way — but at least one Bachelor honcho is already denying Lochte the final rose.

Robert Mills’ Twitter bio reads “I am the executive at ABC who brings you many of your favorite shows. Yes, that includes Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad!!!” He’s always tweeting about Bachelor Nation stuff, along with Bachelor/ette creator Mike Fleiss and host Chris Harrison. Robyn Ross of TV Guide copied all three gents on her tweet, “Should @RyanLochte be the next Bachelor? Vote in our poll.” Millsy replied, “no way. If you pee in the pool you should be on Bachelor Pad not The Bachelor.”

Yeah, if you pee in the pool, have a stars-and-stripes grill, say “jeah” for no real reason and possibly like to have one-night stands … You might actually make an interesting Bachelor. But, no, probably best just for Bachelor Pad. They just started allowing “super fan” newbies on Bachelor Pad 3 and, as of now, most of them are gone. But if they add *celebrity* super fans, they might actually stick around. Luscious Lochte would probably have a great time in the hot tub with the ladies of BP4. And since he sounds like he’s up for anything as long as it includes more camera time, book him now!

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08.10.2012 / 11:41 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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