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Watch All of Ryan Murphy’s Never-Before Seen Glee Clips (VIDEO)

Ever since he first joined Twitter back on Monday, Glee creator Ryan Murphy has been releasing a flurry of scenes that never actually made it into the final show. Among the clips, you'll find scenes that are romantic, flirty, and chemistry-charged. Plus, the are sure to make any fans of the Klaine, St. Berry, Faberry, and SeBlaine relationship pairings near giddy with excitement. Take a look at each of the just-now release deleted scenes below:

The Klaine "Box" Scene: Blaine Gives Kurt a Promise Ring

The Faberry Bridesmaids Scene: Quinn Tells Rachel Not to Marry Finn

The Warblers Sing Michael Jackson and Sebastian Flirts Shamelessly With Blaine

St. Berry Kiss: Jesse and Rachel Sing "Hello 12 Hello 13"

Santana Comes Out to the Cheerios

Rachel Writes a Heartwarming Message in Kurt's Senior Class Yearbook

Mike and Tina Say Goodbye