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Which Project Runway Designer Quit Last Night — And Who Is Next? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: At the start of August 9's Episode 4, the designers were still wondering what happened to Andrea Katz, who had disappeared in the night. At first, Tim Gunn said they couldn't get in touch with her. Later, Tim said Andrea eventually sent production an e-mail saying she was fine but didn't want to return to the competition. At the same time that Tim revealed that info, later in the same day that Andrea left, kooky designer Kooan Kosuke announed that he also wanted to go home so he could do fashion in his own way. To balance things out a bit, eliminated designer Raul Osorio returned to the show.

Original story from August 3:

It's like a bedazzled murder mystery!

Heidi Klum already warned us that Project Runway Season 10 would show contestants not only quitting but fleeing without a word.

"They just could not make it work and in the morning they were gone," Heidi told Wetpaint Entertainment. "They literally packed up their bags and ran off in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping. We just couldn’t believe it either."

How not fabulous! Well, last night's Episode 3 showed that the first quitter was Andrea Katz, 58, of New York City, the eldest contestant of the season. Andrea, who loves her cats, apparently escaped in the night to be with them.

The Episode 3 challenge, "Welcome Back to the Runway," was intended to have the designers work in teams to create a look for a past PR designer. Andrea was paired with Christopher Palu and at first they appeared to be working well to design an Emmy gown for Season 9 winner Anya Ayoung-Chee.

But then the passive-aggressiveness started, as it always does. Andrea was working much too slowly for Christopher. Before you know it, they ended up in the bottom three. They then threw each other under the bus, with Christopher saying it took Andrea 12 hours to cut the skirt. He also brought up the idea that Andrea had said she wouldn't be upset if she was sent home. She said that wasn't true. It was a moot point anyway, since Raul Osorio was the one sent home, for a different look that was hated. (Will he come back now?)

Andrea was "very embarrassed" and felt "demeaned" on the runway — and perhaps her pride was damaged enough for her to want to flee in the night. At the end of the episode, they showed some of the designers back at the Atlas apartments wondering where Andrea had gone. There was a "to be continued..." message and in the preview for next week, Tim Gunn seemed to address the troops about her disappearance.

However, two designers reportedly quit this season and it looks like the next victim could be Kooan Kosuke ... or maybe Buffi Jashanmal, who has already threatened to walk out? Whoever leaves is probably someone else who lives in NYC, 'cause you can just walk out and be home pretty quickly. Buffi and Kooan live in the New York area but so do Nathan Paul, Fabio Costa, Dmitry Sholokhov, Sonjia Williams, Ven Budhu, Christopher Palu. So just about everyone is a suspect!

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