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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Ryan Murphy Confirms One Breakup, But Promises Brittana and Faberry Scenes!

Glee creator Ryan Murphy got us plenty worried when he tweeted last week that an upcoming Season 4 episode would be titled, “The Break-Up.” With the relationship of so many of our favorite couples currently on the rocks, we feared the worst. Would anybody stay together?

Luckily, Ryan’s latest Twitter Q&A is shedding a bit of light on the situation. We’re happy to report that things don’t seem nearly as dire as the first seemed. Ryan’s flurry of August 10 tweets seem to suggest that only one couple will split up this season.

On top of that, there should be plenty of awesome scene in store for all the Brittana, Finchel or Faberry fans out there. Here’s a quick roundup Ryan’s latest relationship scoop.

Q: Any Brittana love?
Ryan: Yes, of course. And in one episode, an equal amount of kisses to Finchel.

Q: Are any of the couples going to split up this season?
Ryan: Yes, guess which one.

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Q: Will there be Faberry this season?
Ryan: yes, they will have scenes together. Thanksgiving episodes = Faberry heaven.

Q: Is there any hope for Quinn and Puck?
Ryan: Quinn and Puck will always be friends and spend all Thanksgivings together.

Q: Will Artie get a girlfriend this season?
Ryan: Funny, we just wrote that scene. The result will surprise you.#boyinchairneedsalady!

Q: Why no Sam and Mercedes?
Ryan: They will always be friends.

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Q: Will the long distance couples like KLAINE interact via phone calls or Skype or anything like that?
Ryan: Yes to both. Also, email and Twitter!

Q: Will Kurt and Blaine get married?
Ryan: I believe in happy endings.

Q: Finn is going to follow his dreams?
Ryan: The exciting thing is this season he will finally get one.

Q: Will Sebastian and the Warblers be back?
Ryan: The Warblers will for sure be back!

Q: Will there be a glee club reunion?
Ryan: Wait til episode 4. Your head will explode.

A Glee reunion so epic that all of our heads are going to explode? Awesome. We’ll start gathering the necessary cleanup supplies right away. You can never be too prepared when it comes to things like this.

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