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The Bachelorette

Is Paige Vigil Still Team Reid Rosenthal After Bachelor Pad 3?

Now that Paige Vigil has been auf'd from Bachelor Pad 3, she can go back to being the superfan that she is. Poor Paige was voted out of the house just as her love for Reid Rosenthal was blooming, and we're curious to see what she thinks of her crush now that he's public enemy #1.

"I feel like I am watching Reid slowly burn at the stake during episode 3 and I wish I was there to douse him with water," Paige wrote on her Bachelor blog for Warner Brothers. "His plan is a major fail. I can understand logically what he is attempting to do, but he’s going about it the wrong way."

Aww, Paige! Still trying to defend her man. In fact, she even quotes him. "Reid says, Bachelor Pad is a sick, deceptive place.' It really is, he is right…the more we get into the season, the more we are beginning to see that."

If by "sick, deceptive place" she means "cheerful, magical heaven," then yes.

Source: Warner Brothers