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Glee Season 4: Sorry, Brody! Finn and Rachel Will “Absolutely” Be Kissing

Hot new NYADA guy Brody (Dean Geyer) might be chasing after Rachel (Lea Michele) with all he’s got when Glee returns for Season 4, but don’t automatically assume this means Finchel is doomed.

Creator Ryan Murphy held a Q&A with fans on Twitter during the afternoon of August 10, and he made sure to assure everyone that Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel aren’t over yet.

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Brody might be totally smitten with Rachel, but she’s still carrying a torch for Finn. When a fan asked if we will be seeing any more of Finchel in the future, Ryan replied, “Yes. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. #stayawaybrody!”

Another fan asked, ”We'll be getting our Finchel kisses too right?” Ryan answered. “Absolutely.” Now that is the sort of relationship news we love to hear!

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

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