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True Blood

True Blood Spoiler Roundup: All the Scoop on Season 5, Episode 10: “Gone, Gone, Gone”

If you can’t wait until Sunday night's all-new episode of True Blood, check out a fangtastic sneak peek of Season 5, Episode 10: “Gone, Gone, Gone” with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup!

1. Check Out the Synopsis For Episode 10!
With Bill in full-on Sanguanista mode, a ruthless new sheriff running Area 5 (due to Eric’s detainment at The Authority), and Jason and Sookie still on the hunt for the mysterious vampire who killed their parents, any chance of a relaxing day in Bon Temps is “Gone, Gone, Gone.” Check out the official synopsis for episode 10 here!

2. Does Jason Turn Into a Vamp? Check Out the Promo For Episode 10!
Next time on True Blood, Eric must accept Lilith ... or face the True Death! Watch the epic promo here.

3. Jason Finds a Mysterious Scroll!
Among the insanity in Episode 10, Jason will uncover a scroll that marks “the beginning of answers, and perhaps even more questions, for Jason,” Ryan Kwanten tells Vulture. Find out more here!

4. A Linguistics Professor Will Show Up in Bon Temps!
When the casting notice for Episode 10, "Gone Gone Gone," was leaked, we found out that producers were casting a linguistics professor named Professor William O'Connell. "In his 40s, divorced, youthful, and nerdy, this linguistics professor can’t make heads or tails of an ancient text. He thinks it’s probably a hoax, or a prank sent by a rival university." Hmm, could this have something to do with Jason's scroll? Read here to find out more!

5. Who Interrupts Jason and Jessica's Special Moment?
Jason and Jessica are sharing a tender moment when a surprising visitor steps into Merlotte’s! Watch and find out who the mystery man or woman is.

6. Sookie's Packing Heat During a Sneak Peek!
Sookie was so spooked by her Warlow encounter that she’s packin’ heat while eating Chinese! When a mysterious guest shows up at her door, she pulls out her gun. Find out who it is in the clip!

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