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Glee Season 4: Our Top 5 Hopes for Brittany and Santana — Including More Sexiness!

There were numerous loose ends on Glee during the Season 3 finale, and that certainly includes the future of our beloved Brittana. With Brittany (Heather Morris) having to repeat senior year and Santana (Naya Rivera) apparently New York-bound, it’s hard to know what will happen but we do know what we want to happen. Here are our top five hopes for Brittana when Season 4 rolls around.

And in case you were wondering, our sixth hope for the couple in Season 4 is that we get more footage of Lord Tubbington doing household chores, a la “Two Girls, One Cat.”

1. Better communication between these two — and more genuine emotion

We love that Brittana can get all sexy, but we also look forward to their extra-emotional scenes, like during “Landslide” in Season 2 when Santana ended up in tears. So we were expecting a similarly tearful exchange when Santana learned that Brittany would have to repeat senior year but it didn’t really happen. And how did Santana not even know that Brit had a 0.0 GPA? A note to Glee: People in relationships usually talk to each other every now and then!

2. More sexy songs... and more kisses, natch!

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We already mentioned that we want more heartfelt moments between these two (see: #1), but we’d love for the sexiness to be ramped up a notch as well. Actually, we’d like more Brittana in general: more kisses (three in Season 3 was not enough!), more dates and cuddling, and more songs that are both powerful (a la “Songbird”) and fun-slash-sassy (like “Dance with Somebody”). When in doubt, in terms of these two, we just want more of everything!

3. Give Santana a purpose in life — while still remaining her sexy, sassy self

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It was clear that heading to Louisville was never the right move for Santana but what is? We love the idea of her conquering the Big Apple with Rachel [Lea Michele] (and possibly Kurt [Chris Colfer]), but we’d like to see her go after a more concrete goal that actually involves her talent, rather than just her vague idea of becoming a “star.” Of course, we still want Santana to be the same feisty femme fatale as always but with a little more direction in her life.

4. Bring on Pezberry!

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With Brit staying in Lima and Santana heading to NYC, we want them to have as much screentime together as humanly possible. But we’re looking forward to them bonding with other characters as well particularly the prospect of Santana and Rachel becoming better friends in NYC (Team Pezberry unite!). We also think there’s potential for an insanely awesome friendship between Brit and Sugar (Vanessa Lengies), who both prove that ignorance really is bliss.

5. Make Brit a tad less one-dimensional

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We adore Brittany’s wacky one-liners, but in many Season 3 episodes, she had little to do besides delivering one or two outlandish lines of dialogue, making her seem like a caricature rather than a real person. But we also love when Brittany takes charge (like running for president) or when she gets mushy, as in when she gives her Valentine’s Day playlist to Santana. Let’s make sure that Brittany isn’t just silly 24/7!

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