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Did Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp Break Up Again? Inside Their Dramalicious Weekend!

Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp are madly in love, but they're also just plain mad. No really, these two can't stop fighting, and this weekend marked another series of makeups and breakups for Jenelley and The Delp. Why? Because of a little somethin' somethin' called 50 Shades of Grey.

"Last night Kieffer and I got into an arugment," Jenelle posted on Sulia. "Want to know the details behind what happened? He basically told me all day to lay outside and relax while reading my book '50 Shades of Grey'. So I did while he cleaned the house. Then a couple hours later I got aggravated at him and we bickered back and forth and he broke up with me."

According to Kieffer, Jenelle not only threatened to go back to her ex-fiance Gary, but she also left for the night with his money and cigarettes.

Obviously, Jenelle denied the whole thing and responded, "hahahahahahaha WHOAAAAAAA! That money I 'took' was my money. Yes I left we needed a break for the night. I will never go back to someone who has abused me."

At this point, we'd usually eye-roll and chalk Kieffer and Jenelle's Twitter rage up to sexy foreplay, but this time The Delp took it next-level and involved Gary Head.

"Yup when she starts this its 2 much yu want her to be a descent person but she wont," Keef tweeted Gary. "#thsiswenyugottaputastoptoit my b c ya around."

As you might expect, Jenelle left Kieffer in their apartment to party in Oak Island for the night, but she came back shortly after and they made up — despite the fact that he contacted Gary.

"I left and went to a bonfire with my girl friend, Stacey," Jenelle explains. "I came back home that night to be in bed with my man and we worked things out today. :] WE ARE TOGETHER. "

Thank goodness, because a world where Kieffer and Jenelle aren't posting naked photos of each other on Twitter isn't a world we want to live in.

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