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True Blood

True Blood’s Jim Parrack Talks “Emotional” Farewell and Potential For Hoyt’s Return

Hoyt Fortenberry has had a rough time on Season 5 of True Blood, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was … well, the pile of straw beneath him as he was eaten by killer pigs.

So, as Hoyt departed for the sometimes-sunnier skies of Alaska on last night’s episode, Truebies were left wondering whether our favorite hillbilly was really gone for good — and portrayer Jim Parrack is surprisingly on the same page.

“The real honesty is that I don’t know,” Jim told TV Guide. “I know that [executive producer] Alan Ball told me that they didn't want to kill him, that Hoyt's going away because Hoyt's had enough. But Alan was adamant that one of the reasons they wanted to do that was to leave him the option to have a return.”

However, Jim will understand if that was Hoyt’s last hurrah in Bon Temps.

“I think that if it did end this way and Hoyt never came back, it would be good storytelling because it's just a complete journey from somebody who was utterly dependent upon other people, never stuck up for himself, or got to think for himself and then to fall in love and all the betrayal and hardships and him saying, ‘You know what, I've got to take care of myself.’ I think it told a whole story.”

But when it came to shooting the heartbreaking glamouring scene that preceded Hoyt’s departure? Jim and co-stars Ryan Kwanten and Deborah Ann Woll were all very emotional — similar to what Alexander Skarsgard and Kristin Bauer van Straten said about their tearful “release” scene.

“It was tough for all of us. Those were my two best friends on the show. When I found out … I pulled Ryan and Deborah aside and they both got emotional and I got emotional,” Jim spilled. “What was happening in the imaginary situation was us saying goodbye, and the three of us were also saying goodbye.”

But as he filmed that final scene, Jim also made a surprising discovery about Hoyt.

“A real interesting thing happened that day we shot it … it was just an instinct I had, it was really moving,” Jim said. “I kept looking to Ryan and thought, damn, I'm never going to see my friend again. So out of the two, the love for [Jessica] was more intense, but I would say the love for [Jason] was deeper, and I didn't even know that until we got in the moment.”

Truebies, are you upset about Hoyt’s departure? Is he gone for good? Take our poll here, and then weigh in below!

Source: TV Guide

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