3 Reasons You Should Vote for Kyle Massey on DWTS All-Stars
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Dancing With The Stars

3 Reasons You Should Vote for Kyle Massey on DWTS All-Stars

Who will join the party: Carson Kressley, Sabrina Bryan or Kyle Massey? ABC is making us vote for the lucky 13th All-Star of Dancing With the Stars Season 15 here, and the winner will be announced Monday, August 27. Not sure who should get your votes? We’re sharing arguments for all of them — we already posted three for Carson and now here are three for Kyle.

1. He’s a finalist who deserves another chance to win.
Honestly, this would be a lot more fair if Kyle and Pamela Anderson could just switch places, with the core 12 celebs all being finalists and voters having to choose between a non-finalist — Pam, Sabrina or Carson — as the ultimate underdog to take them on. Alas, The Powers That Be decided to do this instead.

At least Kyle got close to winning, unlike Sabrina and Carson. He was the runner-up of Season 11, earning his spot at the top. He beat Bristol Palin, who is returning this season, and was only topped by Jennifer Grey — and you could argue that she had the unfair advantage of being famous for starring in a movie with “Dancing” right in the title. All-Stars already has six champions and three runners-up and Kyle has proven he can compete at that level. His early season scores were never as good as Sabrina’s, but fans stood behind him as he gradually improved, which is what DWTS is supposed to be about.

3 Reasons You Should Vote for Kyle Massey on DWTS All-Stars
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2. He’s the perfect mix of enthusiasm and talent.
Carson is hard to beat for sheer entertainment value, and Sabrina is probably a better technical dancer, but Kyle has the best of both worlds. He was a ball of energy in 2010, perfectly paired with Lacey Schwimmer. He would probably bring out the best in any partner, but we hope bringing Kyle back would automatically mean the return of Lacey. (Please?) He was just the ultimate wholesome, fun, confident-but-not-arrogant Disney kid. And he could dance!

He wasn’t one of those contestants who was a “ringer” right out of the gate, but that was a good thing, since you could actually see his coming-of-age journey as he improved. He’d be easy to root for, especially alongside such tough competition where everyone is basically going to be at pro level. (Or so we hope.)

3. Bristol already stole camera time from him.
Kyle and his family are currently suing the producers of Bristol’s new reality show, Life’s a Tripp, for allegedly stealing their concept. Bristol was supposed to have a reality show with Kyle and his brother Chris. They shot footage for it and the Masseys claim you can actually hear them in the background of Life’s A Tripp, they were just “erased” in editing and never compensated. Although Kyle and Chris seem to have no personal beef with Bristol, she shouldn’t get another chance on reality TV while Kyle once again has to sit on the bench.

Dancing With the Stars Season 15: All-Stars will premiere on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out the full All-Stars cast list here.

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