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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad 3’s Jamie Otis — 5 Things You Need To Know

We fell hard for Jamie Otis during Ben Flajnik's season of The Bachelor, and our hearts broke when she was kicked out in week six! Thank goodness Jamie nabbed a spot on Bachelor Pad 3, because she has major skills. And we're not just talking about her kissing skills, which were described by Chris Harrison as "sad" and "horrifying." Ouch.

Well guess what, Chris? There's more to Jamie that her lackluster lip-locks. Check out 5 things you need to know about this gal in preparation for BP3!

1. She's a registered nurse.
Jamie is sweet, kind, and a total do-gooder! She's a registered nurse, and works in the maternity ward at Cortland Regional Medical Center in Cortland, N.Y., where we assume she delivers babies all day. Sigh, we can't imagine anything more fun than welcoming bambinos into the world! Well, other than being on Bachelor Pad 3.


2. She wants kids.
Jamie might be a youngin', but she wants a troop full of kiddos asap! Of course, first she has to find the perfect man. Jamie wants to settle down with someone who is "Loyal, respectful, funny, approachable, charismatic, honest, hard-working, intelligent, kind, polite, and has to have great father qualities." Hmmm, sounds like Chris Bukowski might fit the bill...

3. She had her first kiss in 10th grade.
Jamie's life is best described through a mashup of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and "Firework." According to her ABC bio, this gal's best memory is "My first kiss. Tenth grade. Outside under the stars. I felt like I was kissing Brad Pitt," to which we say, amen. Except change the "Pitt" to "Womack."


4. She Had A Tough Upbringing
Jamie's dad wasn't in the picture while she was growing up, and her mom had problems which made it difficult for her to spend time with her kids. Basically, Jamie had to raise her siblings all on her lonesome while living in a trailer. "I'm no hero,” Jamie revealed during the premiere of The Bachelor, “I just love my siblings and want the best for them." Awwww, what a great lady!

5. She Was Almost Miss New York
In case you haven't noticed, Jamie is stunning. In fact, she competed in the Miss New York USA 2012 pageant and made it to the top 20 semi-finalists! Jamie was also third runner-up in the 2011 New York Perfect Miss pageant, and was named 6th Avenue's Perfect Miss. So, yeah — she's perfect.

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08.14.2012 / 06:03 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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