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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison: Kalon and Lindzi Are “Most Surprising” Bachelor Pad 3 Couple

In a way, Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox are the Graham Bunn and Michelle Money of Bachelor Pad 3. Team Money Bunns stayed out of the emotional drama, just making strategic decisions and focusing on their own BP2 romance. One key difference with Kalon and Lindzi is BP3 isn't showing too much of their romance, preferring to follow Chris Bukowski and Ed Swiderski’s many sexploits.

Rosemaster Chris Harrison is not a big fan of that decision. Like us, he’s in frown mode over the lack of Kindzi love.

"I was a little bit disappointed in their edit because they haven't received a lot of attention, but the problem is there has been so much other stuff," Chris argues to TV Guide. "It's unfortunate because I thought this would easily be the most surprising hookup. But it's not very juicy. They're pretty boring; they're not controversial."

Just the fact that Ben Flajnik's horse whispering runner-up hooked up with Emily Maynard's helicopter flying baggage handler is fascinating, if not "controversial." Plus, Kalon claimed last night on Episode 4 that he would never lie to Lindzi. Is that even true? How many lies did he admit to saying last night — something like 14? If Lindzi is the only one Kalon is really himself with, that's definitely worth watching, "controversial" or not.

TV Guide asked if Kalon will get in trouble for going back on his word to vote out Blakeley.

"Not really," Chris answers, "because you have this floating couple in Kalon and Lindzi. It's not a bad way to go through Bachelor Pad because each week, each alliance needs them. Instead of worrying about getting rid of you, they need your vote. If you notice, Kalon and Lindzi are never on the chopping block and have done a great job of acting like Switzerland. They're not neutral; they're just playing the game well."

Lindzi is playing a smart, quiet game, anyway. Kalon has lied to at least half the people in the house and insulted both Erica Rose (about her weight, just about every week) and Jamie Otis (comparing her to a dog you pet before putting down). Then again, he's told the truth to the other half of the house — the ones he actually stuck with — so maybe that group thinks he's great. But what if, in theory, Kalon gets to the end and has to face the rest of the Padawans to ask for their votes for the money. Would he even know how to come across as sincere and tactful and not put his foot in his mouth again?

Source: TV Guide

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