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The Voice

Former Voice Contestant Tony Vincent on New Music, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Fatherhood — Exclusive

Last season on The Voice, we watched as rocker Tony Vincent turned up the bass and dimmed the lights to sing the Eurythmics' “Sweet Dreams” for his last chance at staying on Team Cee Lo Green.

Ultimately, the spot was given to Cheesa, who was sent home the following week. When we originally spoke to Tony after the elimination, the singer believed that his “theater guy” image contributed to his early exit.

Several months later, with a new baby daughter and a brand new EP out, Tony reflected on the effect The Voice has had on his career.

“The reason that I entertained the idea of doing The Voice was to make that break from the world of doing theater,” Tony told Wetpaint Entertainment. “Sure, I would have loved to have hung around for another week or two, but the goal was not to win as much as it was to be as present for as long as I could on the show. Unless you’re exposed in a different type of medium, how are you going to get your music out?”

And that’s just what Tony’s trying to do these days get his music out. The singer, who has worked with Green Day and Queen, has just released an original four-song EP titled In My Head, now available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

“It’s very Brit pop and Brit rock,” Tony said. “Some of the record is very introspective lyrically and not a very obvious lyric. I tend to gravitate toward music where the listener gets to sort of make that song their own interpretation.”

Tony’s currently looking for a proper home [label] for this project and for future music, but is already very proud of what’s been accomplished in the months since The Voice.

“If nothing happens with this project, which I don’t think is going to be the case, but if nothing does, I’m more satisfied with this piece of music and this project than anything I’ve ever done before,” he said.

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Though Tony doesn’t just want to be known as a theater performer, he has quite the theatrical resume. He has starred in Rent, Queen’s We Will Rock You, and Green Day’s American Idiot.

It was working on American Idiot that Tony formed a close relationship with Season 3 mentor Billie Joe Armstrong. In fact, after Tony originated the role of St. Jimmy in the show, Billie Joe himself was the one to take over when Tony’s run ended.

“[Billie Joe] was very hands-on during the creation of American Idiot,” Tony said. “He knew I got who this character was, and he allowed me a lot of rope. It turned into much more of a social relationship than a directorial relationship.”

And knowing Billie Joe as well as he does, Tony is looking forward to seeing his friend working with Christina Aguilera this season.

“I think she tends to be drawn to these very large voices, very epic in nature, and he’s much more about the authenticity of the artist regardless of vocal acrobatics, so I think him alongside her creates an amazingly talented team,” Tony said. “That girl can sing her face off, but I think working with Billie Joe she can learn a lot too.”

And despite the fact that Xtina has made her share of enemies on the show (a big one being Tony Vincent’s close friend Tony Lucca) the artist doesn’t let his personal feelings toward the pop diva get in the way of his respect for her contribution to the show.

“She had a couple faux pas on the season I was in, and yet I still can leave the show going, ‘You know what? I still believe she probably gives the most concise, critical, useable responses post-performance,’” Tony said.

And Tony’s love for Team Xtina doesn’t end there. He believes one of last season’s most creative and talented contestants was semi-finalist Lindsey Pavao.

“I’m shocked that she’s doing a Kickstarter campaign,” Tony admitted. “I mean, I know she’s not a songwriter, but what she does to other people’s material. Get her in a room with well-established songwriters. This girl is full of such artistic ideas.”

Credit: Tony Vincent    

But since The Voice, Tony’s main role has been that of a new father. His wife, Aspen, gave birth to the couple’s first child, Sadie, right before Tony had to take the stage in the live shows.

“I never thought I’d sing to her as much as I do,” Tony gushed. “I’m the biggest fool when I’m with her, and I never thought I’d be that person.”

And with this new addition in mind, Tony refuses to rule out any future career opportunities.

“I can’t say that I wouldn’t turn to doing something aggressively theatrical in the future,” Tony said. “With a new family and baby and diapers and tuition and all of those things that are future expenses, you have to sort of make a decision of what’s really important. Is my pride more important than my daughter’s comfort level? Is the art more important than that?”

Though we respect Tony’s dedication to his family, we have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of Mr. Vincent as an artist and talented musician.

What do you think of Tony’s new music? Tell us below!

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