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Real Housewives of New York

Heather Feuds With Sonja Over Toaster Oven Concept – Whose Side Are You On?

The Toaster Oven Wars are still going!

We saw this fight brewing several episodes ago but now that tension between Heather Thomson and Sonja Morgan on Real Housewives of New York has bubbled into a full-blown feud.

Need a refresher? Sonja asked Heather to help her develop her new toaster oven brand, which Heather was happy to do for free. However, once Heather started to give Sonja advice on the vision and concept of the brand, the blond Housewife started to become difficult.

Now, onto this week’s episode, Season 5, Episode 11: “This Party Is Toast.”

Things got off to a rocky start when Sonja showed up an hour late to her own shoot. Then, Sonja started acting a bit scattered -- lecturing an unimpressed food stylist about how she cooks food in her toaster oven, ordering food for everyone, fluttering about the shoot from person to person like she’s hosting a cocktail party. It’s classic Sonja, but Heather is not happy.

“There's no sense of urgency, I feel like I care more about this brand than she does,” Heather says.

Meanwhile, Sonja was still upset that business savvy Heather was steamrolling over her own vision. “She has a clear vision of what she wants, but not what I want,” Sonja tells her make-up artist.

Once Sonja was in front of the camera, she was, according to Heather, a dream. Sonja cooperated with doing both shoots -- Heather and brand manager James Benard’s vision that involved a hunky shirtless guy and Sonja’s that involved her lying on a toaster oven -- but once it was time for a decision Sonja picked her own concept. Naturally, Heather was a little upset, claiming that Sonja wasn’t even willing to give her credit for the shoot after she had been working for free to pull the whole thing off.

Are you Team Sonja or Team Heather on this one? Vote below!

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