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The Bachelor

Jaclyn Swartz Dishes on Her Ed Swiderski Bachelor Pad 3 Hookup — Are They Friends With Benefits or Just BFFs?

Jaclyn Swartz and Ed Swiderski have spent most of Bachelor Pad 3 blinding us with wedgies and causing millions of viewers temporary deafness with their sex noises. Basically, they are our favorite couple ever, and even better? They're partners!

"So Ed and I were partners from Day 1, and the way that it happened was pretty funny," Jaclyn explains to Reality TV World. "It was clearly a default partnership. It was like we were having fun and not really thinking about the next day's challenge, and then it ended up being just kind of the two of us brought together, and it was like, 'Oh yay, I guess we're partners.'"

So, was Jaclyn concerned when her partnership with Ed took a turn for the freaky deaky? Nah, this is Ed we're talking about! Who wouldn't want to pickle his cucumber? "I didn't really think that us hooking up would ruin anything," Jaclyn says. "I mean, at this point, we worked really well as partners and we were having fun in the house. We were doing our thing. You know, so far it's just like us having some casual fun, if you will."

If by "casual fun," she means "making crazy animal noises," then yes we will. "I mean, Ed noises are pretty epic," Jaclyn jokes. "And I think that it definitely caught a lot of people's attention. I don't recall hearing those that night but, you know, as you could see I might –– neither of us maybe would have remembered that. No, I don't know. Maybe it happened, maybe it didn't."

So, is Jaclyn still dating Ed? "Ed and I are best friends, and I think that we will be in each other's lives for a long time and that's that," she says. Sigh, girlfriend is so coy. Let's just assume she and Ed are still hooking up and call it a day, sound good?

Source: Reality TV World

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08.14.2012 / 09:23 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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