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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Does Nolan Ross’s Nemesis Works For SwiftTech?

After getting his ass kicked on several occasions, Nolan Ross seemed to have more enemies than Emily Thorne perhaps this was because all of her enemies come after him.

But we hear that Season 2 Nolan doesn’t take any crap, and might even be doing some ass kicking of his own.

And with a spoiler from the Revenge Season 1 DVD — set to be released Aug. 21 — we now know who might be the first on Nolan’s revengenda.

In the clip, streaming over at Entertainment Weekly, Nolan being interviewed about an unnamed female tech competitor. Though Nolan’s new love interest, Padma, is supposed to be a tech genius, she was listed as having a job with his company, NolCorp.

But Nolan does like to mix enemies and pleasure, so she could very well be the mystery woman he’s referring to.

In the video, the interviewer compares Nolan to this female techie.

“To imply she has half the brain cells that I do is an insult,” Nolan says. “I’m not denying that she’s smart. She obviously pulled the wool over your eyes, though that wouldn’t be difficult. I’m just saying there’s a reason that SwiftTech is located so close to my coattails.”

Hmm, SwiftTech you say?

We’re interested to see if this competitor turns out to be Nolan’s new love — and what role SwiftTech plays in Season 2.

Do you have any theories about the new company? Tell us below!

Source: EW

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08.14.2012 / 08:49 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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