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Chris Colfer Teases “Twists” During The Glee Project Season 2 Finale

If you think you’re excited about tonight’s finale of the The Glee Project (yes, it’s finally here!), you should know that your excitement pales in comparison to Chris Colfer’s (Kurt), who was actually there and says he completely lost it during the shoot! Not that we blame him. Not one bit.

Chris is the guest mentor on tonight’s Glee Project Season 2 finale: “Glee-ality,” and he tells E! Online that there are “a couple twists coming.” He says he knows “who officially won,” but hasn’t heard for sure if there might still be some “perks” for the runners-up. Then again, if you ask us, getting to meet Chris Colfer is a pretty awesome perk in itself.

So tell us, Chris: Who’s gonna win this thing? Well, he was as tight-lipped as you’d expect, but he did provide a tease by responding to a question about how fans will react to the outcome by laughing and saying, “I think they’ll be just fine with it!” So it sounds as if a fan favorite will be the winner, right? If only we knew which fan favorite!

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Chris himself didn’t have a favorite contestant, instead saying that each of the final three were “very, very talented” and “could easily fit in with the show.” He is “honored” to be the mentor for the finale but says that he would “absolutely not” have succeeded if his journey to Glee would have required participating on a similar show. Well, we beg to differ about him succeeding, but we suppose he’s entitled to his own opinion!

And Chris says that we can expect to see him freak out just a bit when he is first introduced to the contestants. He had told himself to play it cool when he walks in, but hearing the contestants go wild at seeing him made him then “lose it” and “look like an idiot.” It’s hard to imagine Chris looking like an idiot — so we suppose we’ll have to tune in tonight to witness the impossible.

As for Glee’s Season 4, Chris explained that filming in New York City is much different than filming in L.A. because the shoot becomes a “huge spectacle.” And he’s loving the non-McKinley elements of the upcoming season, as it “adds a whole new level of the performing arts community to the show.” We agree, but we just wish the new season would get here already!

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08.15.2012 / 12:21 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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