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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Bachelor Pad 3 Blog: Chris Bukowski’s Love Triangle Is With Himself

Rosemaster Chris Harrison says next week we’ll see Bachelor Pad 3 relationships go to the next level. Some new romances will begin and some old romances will take “exciting — and in some cases, tragic — turns.” But first we must explore Chris Bukowski’s ongoing love story with himself, including how he and Sarah Newlon changed the rules of the show just to enjoy some private (bow chicka bow bow) time after their date.

On that note, read more from The Rosemaster’s Entertainment Weekly blog on BP3 Episode 4.

Chris B. + Chris B. = love: “Leaving the baseball diamond [after Ed and Jaclyn’s date], we went right back to the love triangle between Blakeley, Chris, and Jamie. Or maybe it’s better to say the “love triangle between Chris, Chris, and Chris.” As complex and crazy as these relationships already were, Chris really took it to the next level this week by deciding to take Sarah out on a date instead of either of the girls who thought they were going to be his partner. The action movie date with Stephen Ho was a lot of fun, but the action back at the house was really just as dramatic. Chris and Sarah really did take it upon themselves to check into that hotel for a makeshift overnight date, seemingly changing the rules of Bachelor Pad. I guess when you’re Chris, you just do whatever you want.”

The end of the Super Fans: “It was another traumatic rose ceremony for so many. I think people have finally realized that no matter what the plan is, the minute I open up the voting booth, everything is out the window. David’s departure marks the end of the fans’ stay in the house. He made it further than anyone thought he would and he represented all of you fans really well.”

What will Jamie Otis say on the finale? “I must admit as much as I like Jamie, it was probably in her best interest to go. I don’t really think she was ready for an experience like Bachelor Pad, and now I’m just looking forward to hearing what she has to say at the finale!”

Are you sad to see that the “super fans” are all gone now? The episode focused so much on Chris and his harem, it’s kind of a shame that David didn’t get a little more attention for his last hurrah. He seemed like one of the good guys.

Source: Entertainment Weekly