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Pretty Little Liars

Emily/Nate vs. Emily/Paige: Which Pretty Little Liars Ship Do You Prefer?

Okay, so who else was shocked when Emily (Shay Mitchell) actually kissed Nate (Sterling Sulieman) on Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 10: “What Lies Beneath”? It was pretty obvious that Nate had a major crush on Emily, but we were expecting her to pull away, or at least bring up Paige (Lindsey Shaw) or Maya (Bianca Lawson) instead of falling into his embrace.

The question is, who do you think Emily should be with: Nate or Paige?

We’d just gotten used to Emily moving on from Maya with Paige. It was starting to look like even the most diehard Emaya fans would have to find a way to accept the fact that Emily was ready to fall in love with someone new. But now we have to wrap our minds around Emily making out with not just one new love interest, but two — one of which is a boy!

Showrunner Marlene King has addressed the issue of Emily’s sexuality before, saying “she may make a decision or two that will take her on a winding road — but she definitely quickly comes back to her understanding of her sexuality.”

In the meantime, who would you rather ship: Emily and Nate or Emily and Paige? Tell us which couple you prefer in the poll below!

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