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Teen Mom

Farrah Abraham Disses Her Ex-Boyfriend: “I Need a Boy Better Than Daniel”

Farrah Abraham wants to get married, pop out babies, and hopefully live happily ever after with the man of her dreams. Sadly, her ex-boyfriend Daniel wasn't marriage material, which she found out on their not-so-romantic trip to Austin.

Everything was going swimmingly … until Farrah met Daniel's family and called his step mom a "lone bird." Uh oh!

"I was just being me at dinner with Daniel’s parents," Farrah tells Mom Finds in her defense. "It seemed that Daniel’s dad was cool, but Daniel and his stepmom were not meshing with me that well. I don’t feel saying lone bird was mean. She was over-dramatic and wanted to be negative, so therefore I don’t like how she turned it into a negative."

To make matters worse, Farrah decided that she wanted a commitment from Daniel after just a month of dating.

"Honestly, I want to know someone’s intentions when they’re dating me," Farrah explains. "Given that Sophia is getting older and I don’t want men in and out of our lives, I’m happy that I talked about marriage with Daniel. Marriage is my goal! I’m not settling for anything less, so I need a better boy than Daniel … Where’s my man?"

Farrah thinks Daniel's immaturity was their relationship's ultimate downfall, especially after he rejected her at a hotel in Austin.

"To me, the way Daniel acted showed how immature he is," Farrah says. "I also think he needs mental help because he acts one way on film and another way off camera. How he behaved just showed me he was a big waste of space."

So, does Farrah feel like she has any responsibility for this failed relationship?

"How an immature boy acts is not my fault," she says. "But there’s more to come on the next episode of Teen Mom. You’ll get to see more of how the relationship ended. I hope, though, that Daniel grows up given he’s older than me."

Wait — there's even more Farrah and Daniel screen time next week? We're counting down the days!

Source: Mom Finds

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