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Real Housewives of New York

Former RHONY Star Alex McCord Calls Sonja Morgan “Sexist” (VIDEO)

Alex McCord is back with another Real Housewives of New York vlog and this time she is settling a score with her former castmate Sonja Morgan.

In her recap for Season 5, Episode 11: “This Party Is Toast,” Alex accuses Sonja of being sexist for not listening to Heather Thomson during the toaster oven photoshoot.

“I'm seeing some behavior patterns in Sonja that I recognize, think Marriage Equality,” Alex said, referencing the fight she got into with Sonja during a Marriage Equality march in Season 4 where Sonja allegedly refused to let Alex’s husband Simon speak at the event. “Sonja is being stubborn and dismissive and sexist. She only want [brand manager] James, she only trusts James' opinion. Heather gets no credit whatsoever.”

“When Sonja is backed into a corner she lashes out,” Alex adds.

After the episode aired, Sonja explained her attitude to Heather by saying that she was offered Heather’s services, she never asked for them. Plus, Sonja says that she contributed to the shoot by providing hair, make-up, and the studio.

Alex goes on to defend her old nemesis Ramona Singer by saying that it was rude for Heather and Sonja not to let her know that she couldn’t come to the photoshoot.

“When you are shooting a TV show and someone expects to be in a scene, call 'em up, let 'em know. Own the possibility that you'll get called out.”

Watch the whole vlog below and hear Alex’s thoughts on Aviva, LuAnn’s tricks, and more!

The Real Housewives of New York airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

Source: RumorFix

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