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The Bachelorette

Holly and Blake Julian’s Married Life of Tickle Fighting: Cute Pic of the Day!

Are you ready for some nausea-inducing cuteness overload? Check out the latest in a series of adorkable photos of Holly Durst and her hubby, Blake Julian. They're gleeful, smiling, laughing, and they're being doggie-piled by an adorable miniature poodle with bows in its hair. It's all happening, guys!

This exceedingly happy couple met during Bachelor Pad 2, when Holly and ex Michael Stagliano won the cash prize! Now Blake and Holly are living the good life while The Stag writes songs about heartbreak. In all seriousness, things seem pretty chill between Holly and Michael (despite how crushed he was after the Bachelor Pad 2 finale). We're just happy everyone is getting their happy ending.

Source: Twitter