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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: Emily and Nate Kiss!

Dating is apparently extra-challenging for some people right, Emily? In this week’s particularly chilling episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 10: “What Lies Beneath”), Hanna shows a little leg; Spencer spends some quality time in the guys’ locker room; and Paige takes out her anger on some poor, defenseless trash cans.

Wherein Hanna and Wren Play Doctor

So how is everyone feeling about Wrenna? Frankly, we’re big Haleb fans, but even we must admit that Wren (Julian Morris) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) were shockingly cute together this week. Then again, with Wren no longer being subtle when putting the moves on Hanna, we kept expecting him to say something along the lines of Matthew McConaughey, like: “That’s what I love about Rosewood High girls I get older, they stay the same age.”

And we’re thinking that Hanna may have been our favorite Liar this week. (We know, we know choosing your favorite Liar is like ranking your children. We apologize.) First of all, the scene where Wren fixes her stab wound (three words: Sexiest. Stitches. Ever.) was totally cute.

And secondly, how adorable was it to watch Hanna diligently working to find clues in Maya’s photos, before finally spotting that “The Kahn’s” sign? Typically, the words “Hanna” and “diligently working” go together about as well as the words “politician” and “self-respect.” But we love seeing this new, hard-working side of our girl!

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

Wherein Spencer Valiantly Breaks Into The Guys’ Locker Room Because Somebody’s Gotta Do It, Right?

We love how the Liars divvied up the assignments this week. Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Hanna got stuck investigating the Kahn Cabin of Doom, which they get locked into by “A,” and Hanna comes away with a flesh wound for her troubles. Meanwhile, Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) assignment? She spent the day staring at a bunch of sweaty, half-naked guys in the locker room. Come to think of it, she was sort of living out a gender-reversed version of the ‘80s movie Porky’s.

But of course, anything involving Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) is pretty darn creepy, and that was true more than ever this week, with Noel apparently sending Spencer the surveillance footage from his cabin on the night Maya died. This seemingly proves that neither Jenna (Tammin Sursok) nor Noel (along with Garrett) could have murdered Maya. So then, uh, who did it? And how friggin’ scary was it to see Maya get attacked? If we lived in Rosewood, we would refuse to leave our home after sunset.

Wherein Emily Does What She Does Best: She Makes a Questionable Dating Choice

Hold on a second, people: Emily seriously hooked up with Nate? Like, seriously? Okay, we get that they were both distraught over Maya, but how romantic is it to make out with your dead significant other’s cousin? (Answer: Not very romantic.) And let’s not even start with the fact that Nate appears to still have a thing for Jenna, of all people! Or how about just the fact that every single thing Nate does is suspicious with a capital “S.” How about that fact?

We’re sorry, but... she kissed Nate? We’re really going to need another minute to get over this. Talk amongst yourselves.

But we do understand why Emily would be distraught, since that unused bus ticket means that Maya never left town. Plus, Maya was staying at Noel’s place, which means that Noel and Maya got chummy awfully quickly, considering they barely knew each other when we spotted them before Maya’s dinner with Em and her mom near the end of Season 2. Let’s just say that we’d sooner stay at a Motel 6 than at Noel’s cabin (and that’s saying something).

And now that we see the rage that Paige (Lindsey Shaw) is capable of, could this mean that she’s a suspect for Maya’s murder? It’s true that we definitely saw some jealousy from Paige toward Maya at the end of Season 2, although Paige would be a slightly predictable as the murderer. Either way, it’s safe to assume that no one has ever gone that aggro on a trash can (except maybe Al Gore when he finds someone who doesn’t separate their trash from their recycling).

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

Wherein Aria Spends A Little Too Much Time Watching Her Mom Get Busy

Ezra, Ezra, Ezra how the mighty have fallen! We now have trouble believing a single word that comes out of his perfectly formed mouth. Did he really find Maggie, or is he just telling Aria that? And is Ezra (Ian Harding)now going to have to take care of a kid? Because we thought that Baby Daddy was a whole different ABC Family show. (And could Ezra’s potential kid be a child that we’ve already met on the show like Season 2’s “Seth baby,” perhaps?)

But if Aria’s love life is going to hell (and it sure seems to be!), at least she’s supporting her mom, who has never been more popular. Granted, it was a little hard to care about Ella and Zach’s shenanigans when there were much more jaw-dropping storylines going on this week, but Zach does seem pretty perfect for Ella. However, we did love Aria’s line about crushing his scones. (Uh, but that also sounds like something “A” might say, no? Just sayin’!)


- So if Garrett, Noel, and Jenna didn’t kill Maya, then who did? Certainly, someone like Melissa comes to mind, since she was spotted in the crowd when Maya’s body was taken away, and Melissa and Garrett have been quite close lately. But just because we’ve eliminated three suspects doesn’t make pinpointing the killer any easier. (A bajillion people minus three is still basically a bajillion.)

- It keeps seeming like we knew less and less about Maya then we thought. Recently, we learned that she got into Garrett’s car on the night she died, and now we know that she was living with Noel and never boarded that bus out of town. Why anyone would voluntarily spend time with Noel and Garrett is beyond us. Okay, so Noel is pretty cute but still.

- We don’t know why Maya had that knife, or what the initials “LJ” on it could have meant. The only “L” character we can think of is Lucas, but his last name starts with a “G.” Unless the “J” could be his middle initial? Then again, it’s hard to picture Lucas owning a big ol’ knife like that, since we can barely even picturing him being able to handle a can opener.

- It’s anyone’s guess what Maya was trying to tell Emily when she left that note under the huge plant on the day she died. If nothing else, the fact that Em never got that note is a reason why most normal people use the internet to send messages.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

- We knew that Jenna got her vision back near the end of Season 2, meaning that she could see by the time of Maya’s death. So it was interesting to learn that Jenna was still pretending to be blind with Noel, leading us to think that they aren’t as close as we might think. Then again, it’s possible that Noel knew about her vision, but that Jenna just wanted to keep up the ruse for the security camera.

- “A” had sorta been missing in action for the past few weeks (not that the Liars were complaining, mind you), so it was fun to see “A” upping the ante this week, between locking the girls in the cabin and then writing that message in red paint on the outside of the cabin. (Speaking of the use of paint on the outside of a building, maybe “A” is Banksy?)

- It was kinda scary to see Paige’s anger after Emily and Nate’s hook up, along with the fact that Paige so easily lied about why she could no longer meet up with Em. So could Paige have had something to do with Maya’s death? Still, we’re not sure who we mistrust more: Paige or Nate.

- True, we found Wren to be his typically charming self this week. But that doesn’t mean we’re letting him off the hook about his potential involvement with the “A” team, given his connection to Radley (and Mona). Let’s not forget that Mona said “I missed my dolls” a few weeks ago, which could be interpreted with her code as “I’m M.D.” a possible message about Wren. (Or maybe “A” is the actor Matt Dillon?)

- Also, when Emily and Hanna move that shelf in Noel’s cabin and discover the secret room, one of the board games on the shelf is Operation. Is “Operation” a hint about Wren? Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but PLL is not a show where you leave any clue unturned. (And by the way, has anyone ever played a full game of Operation? We’re pretty sure that we always just fiddle around with trying to pull stuff out of the guy’s chest for a few minutes and then get bored.)

- At the end of the episode, we see “A” switch the TV to Wheel of Fortune, and that reminds us of last season, when Emily said to Aria (in Season 2, Episode 5: “The Devil You Know”), “Please, I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune since I was three.” Uh, say what? Please tell us this is just a coincidence!

Other Things That Need To Be Discussed:

- Knowing Hanna as we do, we were kinda surprised that she didn’t say to Emily, “Forget getting someone to stitch up my leg you need to call a tailor to do an emergency repair of these adorable pink pants that I’m wearing!”

- Not that we’re questioning Aria’s tastes, but who in their right mind buys jalapeno bagels? Ezra was right to be grossed out by the mere thought of it!

- We couldn’t help but laugh when Hanna tried to convince Wren that she hurt herself while cutting a carrot. We’re not sure what Hanna hates more “A,” or the thought of having to cook. But Wren seemed to believe her, and so he’s like, “See, Hanna this is why the Salad Shooter exists.”

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