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Rachel Berry Gets a New Look for Glee Season 4: Which Outfit is Your Favorite?

In Glee Season 4, Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) is starting a whole new life in New York City and she’s getting a whole new wardrobe to go along with it, too!

Thanks to the flurry of on-set photos from Glee filming in NYC over the weekend, we’ve already seen plenty of the new outfits that Rachel will be wearing this year. But which of these hot new looks is your favorite?

On August 11, Lea skipped through the streets of New York with her hot new co-star, Dean Geyer (Brody), wearing black and white printed shorts, a black long-sleeve top, and sexy black knee-high boots.

That same day, she also donned a brown skirt, cute black beret, and sweet H&M turtleneck top while filming a different scene.

On August 12, she again traded the cute skirts and Mary Janes for a more grown up and sophisticated look during a night shoot in Battery Park. With her sexy high heels, a sophisticated white blazer and tiny black shorts that expertly draw attention super-toned legs, the cardigan-wearing Rachel we once knew seemed nowhere in sight.

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Of course, there were plenty of familiar looks as well, like this adorable maroon skirt and gold knit beret ensemble she sported during a heartwarming reunion with Kurt (Chris Colfer) on August 11.

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We can’t possibly forget this red and navy sailor-style outfit from a daytime park shoot on August 12, either. With her sweet DKNY circle skirt, preppy navy top, and one of Rachel Berry’s trademark headbands, it’s pretty obvious that the style we came to know and love over the past three seasons isn’t just going to disappear overnight.

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Let’s not forget the argyle, either! Rachel wore some adorable green, yellow and navy argyle socks during a scene in Washington Square Park filmed on August 11. We’re not sure how we feel about seeing her looking so cozy with Brody in these photos, but her outfit, at least, we do approve of. The black schoolgirl skirt is all kinds of adorable, while her striped shirt is the perfect mix of colorful, cute, and just a little bit quirky.

You’ve see the looks, now it’s time for you to cast your vote. Which of Rachel’s Season 4 looks is your favorite so far?

I love them all!

I'm ready for a total NYC makeover.

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