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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Will Amanda Try to Get Back on Emily’s Good Side?

Ever since Fauxmanda Clarke strutted into the Hamptons, she’s been digging up trouble for Emily Thorne. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Season 1 of Revenge, it’s not to get in Ms. Thorne’s way.

After a brief Amanda-free period following Tyler’s murder, homegirl caused us all to throw our Infinity Boxes in a fit of rage when she showed up at the Stowaway with a belly much too large for a stripper pole.

She ruined any chances of Emily and Jack being together and managed to aggravate most Revenge fans in one fell swoop.

But come Season 2, does she plan on making amends? According to TV Guide, there will be some growth in Amanda’s character, but the former juvie-mates won’t be besties again just yet.

“That scares Amanda [since] Emily’s tried more than once to get rid of her,” actress Margarita Levieva told the site. “Now that she’s back with a baby and nowhere to go, I think the plan is to get Emily back on her side.”

We doubt Ems is ready to be a godmother just yet.

Do you think Emily will forgive Amanda and accept her back with open arms? Tell us below!

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