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What Is the Name of Nolan Ross’s Company on Revenge?

Revenge’s Nolan Ross is known for being a techie genius who assists Emily Thorne with her revengenda, but what exactly is his day job?

Back in the day, Em’s dad, David Clarke, believed in Nolan’s ideas and invested a good chunk of change on his future software company. Because of that, our favorite snarky Hamptonite was able to launch NolCorp, which achieved incredible success, and in turn, billions of dollars.

In fact, NolCorp is so prestigious that when Bill Harmon, head of Wall Street’s most profitable hedge fund, got wind that Nolan was about to merge with a cell phone company, he had all of his clients invest. Unfortunately, that backfired, leading to the demise of Bill and one more red X for Ems.

As you can tell, Nolan used his skills for both good and evil in Season 1, honing in on computer hacking, decrypting, and spying — via Shamu, the whale-shaped hidden camera — all for Ms. Thorne.

But on Season 2, Nolan won’t just be at Em’s beck and call — we’re going to see where he works! Financial wiz Padma will be joining the NolCorp team and potentially warming her way into his heart — that is, if Nolan isn’t too busy going head-to-head with rival company SwiftTech!

Are you excited to find out more about NolCorp next season? Weigh in below!

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08.15.2012 / 02:30 AM EDT by Alyse Whitney
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