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True Blood

Do You Ship Steve and Russell on True Blood?

When it comes to True Blood pairings, things are pretty straightforward: Sookie and almost every male supe on the show, Jessica and Jason, Lafayette and Jesus (RIP), Luna and Sam … and the list goes on.

But once in awhile, we’re thrown a curveball — like Sam and Tara — and find ourselves confused. Is this a popular pairing? Are there hoards of Sam and Tara fans out there?

Most recently, we’ve been wondering if anyone else is ‘shipping Russell and Steve — affectionately dubbed“Stevell” from this point forward.

At first, we were a little creeped out and nervous when Steve bounced on Russell’s lap during their epic Lilith V-trip. Even though we saw Russell in a very long-term relationship with Talbot (before Eric staked him), the May-December aspect paired with how bloodthirsty and evil Russell is has made us faerie nervous.

But then, something changed. Russell gave Steve his first puppy — even though it is kidnapped Emma in wolf form — and slow-danced with him to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” and now we can’t stop thinking about them.

Yes, Russell is still a crazy Sanguinista who wants to drain every human (and faerie) in the world. Yes, Steve is a new, impressionable vampire who is following his every beck and call. But together, Stevell balances out. Steve is full of life, considering he’s a cold, dead vampire, and he softens Russell up. Russell is murderous, but he does it in style — and while holding his beau’s hand.

Now that we’ve given a case for both sides, you tell us: Do you like Stevell? Weigh in below,Truebies!

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