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Glee Project 2 Winner Blake Jenner on His Hopes for Glee Season 4 and Meeting Damian McGinty — Exclusive

Glee Project winner Blake Jenner doesn’t know much about his upcoming role on Glee yet, but he does know one thing: Ryan Murphy has already started writing a love interest for his character. On the very same day as The Glee Project Season 2 finale, Ryan tweeted “Writing such a great role for the winner! And just wait until you see who they are dating...

So, who will Blake be paired with? It turns out, even he doesn’t know yet.

Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, the 19-year-old Miami native says he would “honestly be happy” to end up with any of the Glee characters. He’s just ready to show up on set and get to work, so all can be revealed. “I can’t wait to know who it is.”

Wetpaint Entertainment: We know that you’ll be appearing in at least seven episodes of Glee Season 4. Have you heard yet when you’ll start filming?
Blake Jenner: I have heard nothing. I’m hoping it is soon. I would love it to be soon because I can’t wait to just start working, start acting, and start embodying my character and having fun with it.

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One song you won’t be singing is “Call Me Maybe.” Glee is performing that one in the Season 4 premiere, and the episode has been filmed already.
I was kind of bummed out! I really know that song, because when I worked at Abercrombie, they would play that song constantly. So I think I have that song memorized. I would totally want to perform it. But they’re going to do a great job. I can’t wait to see it. I think it’s going to be really fun.

You used to work at Abercrombie?
I worked there when I was out here in Los Angeles, when I was struggling as an actor. I was working at Abercrombie, I was working at Burger King. At Burger King, I would practice my accents, because I would be doing the drive-thru, so I’d be Australian for one, then be from England, then be from the South. I’d just screw with it and see what’s believable and see what’s not and how people react. I play with accents at the drive-thru window. Then I worked at a parrot shop. And I was a waiter, too, at Johnny Rockets, so I had a bunch of odd jobs out here before getting to be on The Glee Project.

Even without “Call Me Maybe,” you’ll still get plenty of chances to perform on Glee. Are there any styles of music, in particular, that you’re hoping to perform?
I’d love every single type. I’d love like Michael Jackson kind of music, I’d love hip hop, I’d love rapping, and I’d love Gavin DeGraw type of music. I just love his sound and I love his music. I would love to sing some of his songs on Glee. That would be a dream.

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You’ve had the chance to meet Damian McGinty (Rory), one of the winners of Season 1. Has he given you any advice?
He’s just said, you know, [fakes an Irish accent] Oh, buddy, your life is gonna change. It’s like, really dude? He’s like Oh, for sure! But he’s been really nice. And so has Samuel [Larsen (Joe)]. When I’ve talked to them, they’ve given me hints, and they’ve pretty much just said Just take it all in, just go have some fun. Because that’s what it’s all about. Just havin’ fun.

It’s seeming like your character and Sam (Chord Overstreet) are going to be the jocks of the glee club. Do you like that there are athletes in the New Directions?
I love it. I love it. That’s how it is. That’s how it was in my high school. It’s amazing, because it’s never just artsy kids. It’s other kids. It’s the sports kids, it’s the music kids, it’s the smart kids, it’s everybody. It’s the chill kids, it’s the popular kids, it’s everything. I think it’s amazing. I think its a message that shows it doesn’t matter who you are, what group you’re hanging with [...] A group of people who are completely different can share love in one thing and and work together to conquer it.

We saw on Twitter that your girlfriend and family back home made T-shirts for the Glee Project finale that said, “I’ve got the moves like Jenner.”
Oh yeah, that was super, super nice. They were all watching the finale together, and they were so excited. They all got those shirts together so that they could wear them for the finale, so I thought that that was hilarious, and I was so, so happy that they were doing that because that means they were taking so much pride in the show, to go and make shirts for it that said my name on it. “Moves Like Jenner.” I think that was awesome and hilarious.

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