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Glee Project Winner Blake Jenner Wants His Character to Date Brittany!

Look out, Brittana fans! There’s a new cast member joining Glee this season, and if he has his way, it could mean trouble for Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera).

Blake Jenner was crowned the Season 2 winner of The Glee Project last night, winning the ultra-coveted seven-episode arc on Glee. He spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his victory, saying that he only got “an hour and a half of sleep last night,” since he was so busy calling family and friends. Let’s hope he has a phone plan with plenty of minutes.

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And since Ryan Murphy has tweeted that Blake’s character is likely to be dating a surprising member of the cast, Blake himself couldn’t help but ponder which character he would choose. “I’m kind of thinking maybe Heather [Morris's] character [Brittany] has gotten a little lonely — and then I come in,” Blake says. Bold words! However, he acknowledges that he’d hate to break up Brittana, since they’re “a great couple.” So don’t hate him just yet, Brittana fans!

Do you think you could ever get on board with a Blake/Brittany pairing, or are you a Brittana fan through and through?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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