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Miley Cyrus’s Recent Behavior Is Totally Normal, and Here Are Three Reasons Why

Miley Cyrus has been receiving a lot of flack for her behavior in recent weeks — with one online “expert” going as far as to say that the 19-year-old starlet is beginning a Britney Spears circa 2007-esque spiral — but we think her behavior is totally normal for a teenage girl. Here’s why.

1. Cutting Your Hair Is a Crime Now?

Sure, we were a bit surprised when Miley chopped off nearly all of her once-long locks earlier this week, but drastic changes in hairstyle are nothing new, especially in Hollywood. Anne Hathaway recently rocked a similar pixie cut, and Julia Roberts trimmed a large chunk of her hair in the early ‘90s, and as far as we know no one criticized those gals so intensely for their respective choices.

Miley, like nearly all young women, is just trying to figure out what works best for her, and that includes experimenting with different hairstyles.

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2. Since When Is Pilates a Bad Thing?

Miley is often photographed leaving a Los Angeles area pilates studio. Since when is working out and taking care of your body a bad thing? After all, First Lady Michelle Obama has made it her mission to get the youth of America away from their television sets and outside, leading active lives.

Yes, Miley looks slimmer now than she has in the past, but she says that any weight loss is a result of regular exercise and her recently adopted gluten-free diet, not an eating disorder.

Is gluten really that important anyway?

3. She’s Engaged, So What?

For some reason, people were very concerned when Miles announced her engagement to longtime beau Liam Hemsworth earlier this year. But she and Liam have been dating on and off since 2009, and, at 19, Miley is free to marry her man.

Throw in the fact that Miley has hinted that she wants a long engagement, combine it with the number 26 — the average age of an American woman’s first trip down the aisle — and you have a very reasonable age range in which Miley will likely get hitched.

So, Miles, please continue experimenting with different ‘dos, eating gluten-free muffins, and planning one killer wedding, because we support you 100 per cent!

What do you think of Miley's recent behavior?

08.16.2012 / 07:12 PM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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