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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: How Many People Are on the “A” Team?

While we don't know the specifics, we know there's definitely some sort of "A" team infesting Rosewood. If the fact that a new "A" sprang up in Mona's (Janel Parrish) place wasn't proof enough for you, there's also this big confirmation: Showrunner Marlene King has said the big betrayal in Season 3, Episode 12: “The Lady Killer” will involve someone who is part of the "A" team.

Exactly how big is this team? Sometimes it feels like half of Rosewood is involved, but that's probably not true (though wouldn't it be kind of great — in a totally creepy way — if everyone except the Liars was part of the team? Conspiracy theory!).

The "A" episode tag from Season 3, Episode 10: “What Lies Beneath” includes a detail that could possibly be a clue to the size of the team.

In the tag, we see "A" in his/her apartment, and then s/he goes to look at a rack of "A" outfits. There are five outfits shown hanging there, as well as a sixth that "A" is wearing.

While this could just mean that "A" keeps an impressive number of backup outfits — perhaps different kinds of black clothing for different kinds of creepy stalker behavior — maybe it's also a hint that there are five people on the "A" team.

With everything "A" has pulled off, we wouldn't be surprised if his/her team was rather big at this point, and five people would leave a lot of room for more mystery, even after one person is revealed in the summer finale.

What do you think: Did the five "A" outfits mean anything, or are they just more proof of exactly how obsessed "A" is?

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