Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Why Did “A” Have a Box Labeled “Hopkins”?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Why Did “A” Have a Box Labeled “Hopkins”?

In the final scene of Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 10: “What Lies Beneath,” we see “A” hanging up five hoodie outfits on a rack as he or she watches Wheel of Fortune. But, as some readers pointed out, in “A”’s lair, we see a box with the word “Hopkins” on it. Is this a clue?

We thought of a few possibilities.

John Hopkins University. In the Pretty Little Liars books, Wren (Julian Morris) went to medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, but most doctors work with many hospitals during their practice, so he could have gone to the famed medical school. Is this a sign that Wren is on the “A” team?

Hopkins School. There is a fairly well-known private school in Connecticut called The Hopkins School, and there are a few “A” suspects who could have attended, including Nate (Sterling Sulieman), CeCe, Noel’s older brother, and Jenna (Tammin Sursok) (who transferred to Rosewood during high school). We don’t know where all of the above went to school, so maybe one (or all) of them are working with “A”?

Someone’s last name. Showrunner Marlene King is the first to advise you that no one in Rosewood can be trusted, and that anything is possible. That said, how certain can we be about certain suspicious characters’ last names? Nate, CeCe, and even other characters closer to the Liars can’t always be trusted. Just look at Ezra (Ian Harding), whose real last name we didn’t know until two episodes ago!

A dorm. Since the box looks like a moving box, Hopkins could be the name of a college dorm. Maybe “A” is still in college (like Nate) or a recent graduate (like Melissa, Jason, or CeCe).

Can you think of any other Hopkins references that could link someone in Rosewood to “A”?

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