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True Blood

Will Sam and Tara Get Back Together on True Blood?

It’s been awhile since Sam and Tara’s short-lived romance on True Blood. After the last time they hooked up, Sam revealed he was a shifter, and then Tara fled Bon Temps and became a lesbian boxer.

Nowadays, we’re not sure where Tara identifies on the Kinsey scale. She recently snacked on Hoyt Fortenberry, but she hasn’t gotten frisky with anyone. However, with her baby vamp libido and a shortage of Tru Blood, she might take whatever she can get — including Sam Merlotte.

Sam recently proclaimed his love for fellow shifter Luna, but portrayer Sam Trammell wouldn’t write off a hook up with Tara just yet.

“It would be great. I really loved getting to do stuff with Rutina,” Sam spilled to Details. “I thought Sam and Tara made a really interesting match. I thought there was a lot there. She's a vampire now, so I think it's less likely. But who knows?”

And when asked about him shifting to accommodate Tara’s feeding requests, Sam was even game for that.

“I could shift into a very large-quantity blood-producing animal, like a cow or something,” he said with a laugh. “Why not?”

Well, we don’t know how that one would work out, but it would definitely be interesting. What do you think, Truebies? Do you want to see Sam and Tara back together? Weigh in below!

Source: Details

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