Awkward Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: “I Haven’t Fallen Out of Love With You”
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Awkward Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: “I Haven’t Fallen Out of Love With You”

As we saw on Awkward last week (Season 2, Episode 7: “Another One Bites the Dust”), Jake just found out (via the hilariously awful Sadie) that Jenna had been with Matty. Jenna’s clueless, but Jake?

“I’m not feeling it,” he tells Jenna, before breaking up with her, in the opening moments of Awkward Season 2, Episode 8: “Time After Time”.

It’s always worse when you get dumped while wearing an 80s, poufy-sleeved bridesmaid dress assigned to you purely for embarrassment. Worse, Jenna thinks it’s because she waited too long before telling Jake “I love you.”

“Trouble in paradise?” asks Sadie. “When I see you sitting there all alone in your little baby dress with your little sad face, I feel … so glad I’m not you.” Just when we thought Sadie had no feelings!

The bride is drunk, and Matty’s at home playing a video game with his whatshername. Jake calls, telling Matty he broke up with Jenna because of “that other guy.”

Jake’s tears are kind of breaking our heart. Valerie’s advice for sad-eyed Lacey? “I’m sure there are thousands of … dating sites just waiting to sign you up!”

Tamara tries to get the truth out of Jake. “You’re the good guy,” she says. “You’re the guy who rams Sadie just to protect his girlfriend’s friend.” Geez, could we feel any sorrier for Jake at this point? He jumps into his car, but Jenna stands in front of his car, crying. It’s the stuff of classic John Hughes films from the 80s! Jenna’s even dressed for the Molly Ringwald part!

Meanwhile Lacey’s busy getting hit on by her high school pretty boy out by the pool. “I don’t know if you heard, but I ruined my marriage and my daughter hates me,” she tells him. He’s pulling all the playa-plays lines, saying she owes him a debt by kissing him. They do, and that’s when Jenna catches them in the act.

Poor Jake is moping in his car, in his tux. Lacey calls her dad to rescue both her and her mother. And that’s when Whatshername takes her top off and distracts Matty for a few minutes, until he becomes the Matty we know and love and can’t focus on anything except his two best friends, who are both falling apart.

This episode is all about timing. Jake tells Jenna that their timing is off, and Jenna’s dad walks into the wedding just in time to see Lacey smiling on Ben’s shoulder. Plus, Ally tells Jenna that her dad is the one who broke her mom’s heart in high school. Were they even meant for each other, like she’d always believed? Is her dad the Matty?

Jenna makes it home, but there’s a knock on her door from outside. It’s Matty, looking like the guy Molly Ringwald winds up with at the end of every John Hughes movie. He’s handsome, and he cares about her.

They sit across from each other on Jenna’s bed, and she tells him he’s wonderful. Naturally, that’s when Jake realizes he’s made a huge mistake.

“What if he could sense I was struggling to fall in love with him, because I haven’t fallen out of love with you,” Jenna tells Matty. His big blue eyes shine, and we’re torn. An 80s tune swells in the background, and we have no idea which guy our heart beats for. (Melodrama is necessary! This is an episode titled after an 80s tune, and 80s themes are all around us!)

Jenna and Matty start making out! As absolutely thrilled as we are, we’re heartbroken at the same time. Jake sees the whole thing. And he’s still in his tux.

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