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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad’s Jamie Otis: I Don’t Know How Chris Bukowski Sleeps at Night

It was with a heavy heart and a string bikini that we said goodbye to Jamie Otis on this week's episode of Bachelor Pad 3, Episode 4. The poor girl just wanted to find someone to spend the holidays with, and instead she was a victim of Chris Bukowski's love web. Now Jamie is finally speaking out, and girlfriend is none too happy. In fact, she seems to have a case of "the sads."

“The whole experience of Bachelor Pad was conniving, manipulative, and crazy," Jamie tells Hollywood Life. "Just seeing it back, I mean I had no idea and it makes you look like a fool because when you’re an honest person and you believe that you’re seeing something from a person and then all of a sudden you see this whole different story that’s happening behind your back that you don’t know about,”

Awww, Jamie! “You just feel like foolish," she continues. "My hands are tied. And I had no idea. There’s nothing I can do now to change then.”

In other news, Jamie was completely oblivious to the fact that Chris was bumping uglies with Blakeley and Sarah behind her back. “I had no idea,” she says. "I don’t know what I’d have to say to him, honestly. I’m scared for the finale because I don’t know what I’m going to say. How does he go to sleep at night? How does he look at his mom and say hey mom I’m a good person. What is he going to say to his future wife?"

Future wife? More like future
wives. There's more than one single lady in Bachelor Nation, Jamie, sheesh.

Source: Hollywood Life