Glee Spoilers: Four Couples Are in Danger of Breaking Up — For Good!
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Glee Spoilers: Four Couples Are in Danger of Breaking Up — For Good!

We’ve been freaking out about the prospect of a beloved Glee couple heading to splitsville in Season 4. But will there be multiple breakups? Prepare to freak out even more!

Glee producer Brad Falchuk spoke to TV Line, saying that the fourth episode of Season 4, entitled, “The Break-Up,” will involve all four core couples. This means Finchel, Brittana, Klaine, and Wemma are all about to “get kicked in the nuts.” Yikes!

We’ve already seen photos of a big Klaine and Finchel fight, but there’s no proof yet that either couple breaks up for good. Brad says that the big question for all the couples will become, “Can they recover?” And he says that some of them will, but that some “absolutely some don’t.” Wait some” don’t?! Not just one? Why does it have to be “some”!

And then things get even worse! Brad says that relationships will be less of a focus in the upcoming season. He says, “I personally think a lot of these characters are more interesting not in relationships. And I think with a lot of them, we will be exploring that.” Uh, what if we personally don’t agree with that?

Klaine and Brittana fans in particular might want to sit down and take a deep breath. Brad says, “Long-distance relationships are hard.” He continues ominously, “It’s particularly hard when someone graduates and someone is still in high school.” But when you’re as perfect as Klaine and Brittana, then it’s a lot less hard, right? Throw us a bone here, Brad.

So will we really be seeing multiple couple breaking up for good — and are you okay with this? Between Brad’s comments, along with Ryan Murphy recently mentioning that Schue and Emma might not be getting married, we’re seriously starting to perspire! Can’t everyone just live happily ever after please?

Source: TV Line

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