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Teen Mom

“I’m Pretty Full With Cheese Right Now” and More WTF Quotes From Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 10

10. Farrah eats dinner with Daniel: "I'm pretty full with cheese right now. Might vomit on you."

Pretty full with cheese right now accurately describes our entire existence.

9. Leah chats to her mom on the phone: "It’s my Leah."

Awww, she's already talking in the third person!

8. Maci juggles Bentley's schedule: "Last year, I had him on his birthday day."

This is...interesting.

7. Farrah makes out under some bats: "Oh my gosh, these bats are crazy!"

They learned from the best.

6. Tyler's mom spies pizza: "I’m hungry, I want a piece."

We've been there, girl.

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5. Daniel peaces out: "We outtie. Outtie 5000."

Who knew Daniel was a Clueless fan?

4. Farrah grills Daniel: "Are you, like, suffocated by your life jacket right now?"

Yes, that's what he's suffocated by.

3. Farrah grills Daniel's stepmom: "You haven’t had children yet? Oh my gosh, I don’t think it’s going to happen, then. How old are you?"
Marci: "Fifty-one."
Farrah: "Fifty-one?! You’re going to be a loooone bird."

This is a great way to make friends, Farrah.

2. Gary gets deep: "It’s not yesterday anymore."

It means so many things on so many different levels.

1. Ryan eyerolls about Maci: "This co-parenting thing doesn’t mean we have to hang out together."

You do the crime, you do the time, Ryan.

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