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The Bachelorette

Jef Holm on Marrying Emily Maynard — and If They See Eye-to-Eye About Parenting

Jef Holm is back from his triumphant journey in Africa with Emily Maynard, and he's more in love than ever! Even better? He's finally ready to open up and dish about their trip — which was an emotional rollercoaster for our girl Emily.

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"It hit Emily hard," Jef tells The Huffington Post. "She would be crying, seeing how people lived. It was a heavy thing for her, but it was awesome. They had no idea who we were. None of these villages have electricity and nobody recognized us. It was a really welcoming celebration in a good and different kind of way."

Thanks to The Bachelorette, Emily, Jef, and Jef's company, People Water, have been able to get their do-gooder on by helping people in Africa get clean water. "This has been a jumpstart for People Water," Jef says. "We've had success, but now we've signed on more distribution companies and more than doubled our sales every single month this last quarter. In the next year, we want to focus on the areas most in need, so India, South America and then go back to Nicaragua."

Emily and her hubby-to-be have their love for charity in common, but their biggest similarity? "Definitely that we're both grounded," Jef says. "In our personal lives, we see eye-to-eye on the way we want to treat everybody, how we want to be great parents. We want a grounded marriage. We see eye-to-eye on foundational things like that, and it's really important."

Annnnd, our hearts just melted into a puddle.

Source: The Huffington Post