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Jonathan Groff’s New TV Show Premieres Tonight: Will You Watch?

Though Jonathan Groff says he would be open returning as Rachel’s ex Jesse St. James for Glee Season 4 for if he is asked, nothing seems to be in the works as of yet. So while you probably won’t be seeing him on Glee this fall, that doesn’t mean there will be a total lack of J.Groff on your TV screen.

Jonathan’s newest TV show, Starz’s Boss, has its big premiere at 9pm tonight: Friday, August 17. The Kelsey Grammar-fronted show is starting its second season, but and Jonathan’s conniving political aide, Ian, is one of the show’s new characters.

But be prepared for scenes that are much more mature than what you’ll find on Glee. We’re talking bedroom scenes that will make Jesse and Rachel’s bedroom romp during “Like a Virgin” seem downright, well... virginal.

Expect to see him in some “very” sexual scenes, with both men and women. “Ian’s sort of M.O. is that he will do anything to get ahead,” Jonathan says. “I think power is the thing that turns him on the most so whether it’s a man or a woman or someone older, it’s all about whatever he can do to progress in the political [arena].”

Do you plan to watch Jonathan on his new TV show? Sound off below and let us know.

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08.17.2012 / 10:55 PM EDT by Beth Douglass
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