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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Top 10 Most Ridiculous Quotes About Pregnancy

Recently Snooki was accused of saying she wouldn't change her baby's diaper. That quote is totally fabricated, but what has the mama-to-be said about pregnancy and her future child? We've rounded up our favorite pregnancy related quotes from Snooks right here.

1. "I was praying to go thru this pregnancy w/ no stretch marks & KEWL there starting to come! Moisturizing my tummy like crazy!!!"
That doesn’t mean you should stop praying, Snooks.

2. On her pregnancy sex life: "Our sex life is hardly there! I just feel too icky and gross."
We never thought we'd hear those words coming out of Snooki's mouth.

3. "Pregnant ladies unite. Overly sensitive in the first trimester is a bitch. If you haven't experienced it, bite me."
She's not one to mince words!

4. On bad dreams: "I had a dream that he came out and he was a gorgeous little baby, and then he turned two and he turned into a Chucky doll.And he was trying to kill me. And I was, like, throwing him off the bed. And he’s like, ‘Mommy, why’d you throw me off the bed and try to kill me?’”
Paging Dr. Freud, we have an emergency.

5. On pregnancy boobs: "I hate my boobs so much!"
Really? Could have fooled us!

6. "Yes I know I'm a pregnant whale."
Better luck next time, haters.

7. On seeing her first ultrasound: It looks like a fat meatball!”
Is there such a thing as a skinny meatball?

8. On fears about giving birth: "Does your vagina rip to your butthole?"
Does it matter, Snooks? There’s no turning back now!

9. On the moment she found out she was pregnant: "Well, I was kind of like, drunk."

10. Explaining her initial negative reaction to said ultrasound: "I was like, ‘Ew!!!!’ cuz it looked like an alien
Fortunately, she got over that. We hope.

And we're sure we have plenty more excellent pregnancy wisdom coming up on Jersey Shore Season 6!

Read more about Snooki’s pregnancy.

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