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True Blood

True Blood Season 5 Finale Features “Amazing” Scene with Bill, Sookie, and Eric! (VIDEO)

When Bill, Sookie, and Eric are all in the same scene on True Blood, they’re typically in a fantasy threesome sequence or breaking up.

But on the Season 5 finale, Stephen Moyer hinted that there will be a very different type of scene featuring our favorite trio.

“There’s a scene toward the end of the season where I get to be with Anna, my wife, and with Alex at the same time,” Stephen spilled to Time Warner Cable at Comic-Con 2012. “It’s a real ... something different that we’ve not done before — and it’s kind of amazing.”

While he wouldn’t divulge any further details, he did add that there’s “a fantastic ending to the season,” and “it’s an incredible last episode,” written by departing showrunner and series creator Alan Ball.

Watch the video below to find out what else Stephen had to say about Season 5 and Alan Ball’s departure! As a bonus, there are also a few clips of Bill and Sookie moments within.

Are you excited for the finale? What do you think will happen in the scene? Weigh in below, Truebies!