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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler Roundup: Zebras, Hunters, and Hot Sex

There have been so many spoilers for Vampire Diaries Season 4 already that we were beginning to lose track of who was planning revenge on who and which characters were body swapping. So, we decided to round up all the juicy details. You’ve been warned! Big Season 4 spoilers ahead!

Did she or didn’t she?
Elena is definitely going to transition into a vampire, friends, and she had no idea that Meredith had given her a little dose of undead juice before she asked Stefan to save Matt. Basically, she’s going to be more surprised than anyone that she came back from a watery grave.

What’s in a title?
We know the first two episodes are called “Growing Pains” (Season 4, Episode 1) and “Memorial” (Season 4, Episode 2).

Deadly Damon
Though Damon has tempered his, um, temper recently, he’s about to return to his badass roots. Also, he kinda hates Matt right now. Uh oh.

For some reason, there was a zebra on set. Is it going to be a certain someone’s snack?

Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW ©2011 THE CW NETWORK    

Do you believe in magic?
It’s older than Esther, and we’ll learn a lot more about the origin of the vampire spell.

The deets on Tyler
He’s not going to be Klaus’s body for long (and Joseph Morgan will quickly reappear), but he will be shirtless!

Rekindled romance?
Watch out, Tyler. Matt might have a chance with the blond vamp again, though Rebekah is still crushing on the QB. Of course, Jeremy just wants to crush Bex for what she did to his sister...

Mystic Falls memories
Elena is going to recall a very specific Damon-centric memory, but it’s not the one from Wickery Bridge.

A new evil?
Klaus will always be a threat, but the Mystic Falls crew will have to keep on their toes when a new villain comes to town. Is it this new hunter, perhaps?

A badder Bonnie?
Julie Plec told Wetpaint Entertainment that Bonnie will “be standing on the precipice of whether to let herself fall into [darker magic] or step back from the ledge. And when she makes that decision in the first episode, then we’ll see what she's going through the rest of the season.”

A long, long time ago
Get ready for more period costumes, because we’ll see Rebekah back in 1100s.

Who sired Elena?
Want to know whose blood turned Elena? It was Damon, but is Klaus really the start of the bloodlines? No one knows!

What kind of vamp will Elena be?
Turning is going to take a toll on the new vampire, Julie Plec told Wetpaint Entertainment, but she might just be a badass.

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How’s Stefan going to take it?
Well, he’s not going to run out and get a new girlfriend, but Stefan may have a hard time watching Elena take shots of human blood.

Not only will some of the characters graduate closer to the end of Season 4 (sorry, Jeremy), but Bonnie will meet a mentor in Professor Shane, an occultist who knew her grandmother.

Sexy sex
Elena is going to be doing the nasty, but her partner is still in question.

New crew in town
Between Tyler’s old pal Hayley, the Gilberts’ former acquaintance April, the hunter Connor, and Professor Shane, there are tons of new faces in Mystic Falls. Hope they packed their crossbows.

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