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Exclusive! Jessy Schram Dishes on the Finale of Falling Skies

As Falling Skies' second season comes to a close we’re faced with one shocker after the other. The alien invaders’ — Skitters, as we know them — interaction with the resistance force is the first big surprise of the hour, but what Tom (Noah Wyle) and his crew are faced with on their most dangerous mission yet makes the Skitters look like sweet little kittens.

Of course, fans should expect an appearance from Karen, Hal (Drew Roy)'s former love interest, who after being abducted and harnessed by the aliens, has now become their spokesperson. Yikes!

Wetpaint Entertainment called up Jessy Schram to get all the scoop on what goes down in tonight’s finale, what her new role on ABC’s Last Resort means for Falling Skies’ resident bitch, and how you know you’re on a Steven Spielberg project.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Karen is such a sweetheart.

Jessy Schram: Isn't she just adorable? You know, she's a really a people person.

What can you say about Karen's involvement in the finale?

Karen is involved. She's definitely still very much a voice for the aliens, but now you see she's taken it as part of her own mission to be a part of them. So she shows up again as their right-hand girl.

Is she still interested in Hal — who’s now with Maggie (Sarah Carter)?

I guess we could say Karen does have some words with Hal.

Do you think at this point is she redeemable?

Yes and no. I think that Karen's at a point now where in her psyche and her mind and in her blood she agrees and is passionate with the cause of the aliens. So she still has her own memories to a certain degree, but now she has the passion and the mission of what they've instilled in her. I think that there’s still very much a human side of Karen, but for the most part, she's on the mission of the other side.

There is a season three, right? What does this mean for Karen?

There is a season three. I think they're actually starting up next week. Karen is definitely still very much alive, and she's still very much a part of the show, as we've seen, in this way of helping to turn the storylines and set them in a different direction. So we can only hope. I mean I hope audiences want to see more of her, but we can only hope that she'll still be a part of integrating the stories together.

How do you know that you're in a Spielberg production?

You know that you're part of a Spielberg production when you've got some aliens involved, but you really know when you're sitting there at a table read, and they say, “Steven really wanted it this way.” When people start referencing, like, “Steven really wanted there to be some Tai Chi with the survivors in the background,” that’s when you know you're on a Spielberg production.

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