Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoilers: Lana Parrilla on Regina’s Plan to “Destroy Mr. Gold”
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoilers: Lana Parrilla on Regina’s Plan to “Destroy Mr. Gold”

Now that magic has been unleashed in Storybrooke, how will the characters with magical capabilities use (or abuse) that power in Once Upon a Time Season 2?

In an interview with a OUAT fan site in the UK, Lana Parrilla (Regina Mills/The Evil Queen) spills some pretty big spoilers on how she sees Regina using her magic in the upcoming season.

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As we know, the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) were the two main characters in the Fairy Tale Land who could harness magic and use it for evil. The Fairies had their own magic, which they only used for good. With the Queen’s magic overlapping into Storybrooke now, what will change about the relationship between Regina and Mr. Gold?

“I’m sure she’s going to use magic to find a way to get [Henry] back,” says Lana, “and also probably destroy Mr. Gold.”

Whoa! That’s a very ambitious path, even for the Mayor. But Lana explains that Regina is “an ‘unlucky soul’ with a good heart at her core, and I would love to see her redeemed at some point.” Lana thinks that Regina’s primary focus once Season 2 begins will be on saving her relationship with Henry (Jared Gilmore), “whom she truly loves.”

On another note, the Evil Regals will be pleased to know that Lana was so inspired by their “Get Healthy Challenge” while OUAT was on hiatus, that she decided to “jump on board and … quit smoking.” Now that’s our idea of good magic!

Once Upon a Time Season 2 premieres on September 30, 2012 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: OnceUponaTimeFans.co.uk, Tumblr

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