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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Bachelor Pad 3 Blog: Rachel Truehart Almost Left With Michael Stagliano

What a weird season Bachelor Pad 3 has become. As Chris Harrison put it in his Entertainment Weekly blog on BP3, Episode 5, "If I’d told you before this season started that Kalon [McMahon] would be the good guy and Chris [Bukowski] would be one of the most hated, would you have believed it?"

It's as easy to believe as Chris B. getting the jump on Michael Stagliano and positioning Erica Rose to take out the BP2 winner in a spectacularly harsh exit speech. But that's not all. Chris shared some behind-the-scenes scoop that would've made the show even more interesting, had Rachel Truehart gone through with the Ames Brown redux move she almost pulled at the end of the episode.

Here's Chris with more on Ep 5:

Chris B. needs to chill: "As you can see, the anger management classes aren’t exactly working for Chris. He’s an angry little elf, isn’t he? Michael had a great line when he said Chris was taking up 'all the a-hole space' in the house. You know things are getting out of hand when even Michael Stagliano thinks you’re being a dill-weed."

We finally get more of the Kindzi love story: "Because Tony and Blakeley went on a date together, Kalon got a date. I’m very glad that you finally got to see more of what I think is the most shocking surprise at Bachelor Pad: Kalon and Lindzi. Who would’ve ever imagined that the mean guy from Emily’s season would end up with one of the sweetest girls from Ben’s season? It’s amazing, but somehow it works, and their relationship moved pretty quickly."

Stags does the twist, poorly: "The twist I threw into this week’s voting really shook up the house, and in the end it completely changed this game. For two seasons now, Michael Stagliano has help dictate what has gone on at Bachelor Pad. His game plan has always been to be the quiet assassin, letting others do his dirty work. This plan has worked extremely well, but this week, because of the twist, he was forced out of that comfort zone. Stag had to force a situation and put a plan in action to save himself, and he got caught. The funny thing is, it was really a bit of a joke that brought him down. Chris, in passing, jokingly said, 'Hey, I should take Erica in the voting booth with me so she can see what I’m really doing?' Well that joke turned out to be the stroke of genius that turned this game upside down."

Rosemaster gives Erica credit ... to a point: "Once Erica saw Chris vote for Lindzi, she clearly knew Michael was the one behind her departure. To Erica’s credit, I really appreciated what she did on her way out: She took down the king. I don’t know if the speech she gave was completely necessary, but I’m guessing that was just her emotions taking over in a tense situation. But I do respect that Erica did what nobody would do last season, and that’s take down the strongest player and alliance."

Rachel almost pulled an Ames! "There was a little confusion after the elimination because Rachel was really upset Michael was going home. Rachel was considering leaving with Michael and that would have really changed everything. If Rachel had left, then Erica would’ve gotten to stay and that would have made that alliance unbeatable. In the end, cooler heads prevailed and Michael talked Rachel into staying."

Aww! It was such a sweet moment when Jackie Gordon was eliminated on BP2 and Ames ran after her, to join her in the limo. Michael said he only went on BP3 for love and it would've been such a romantic scene had Rachel done the same. But now she has a chance to keep going and win at least half the $250,000 jackpot. Do you think she made the right call?

Source: Entertainment Weekly