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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Friends Will Fight, Dreams Will Be Dashed

Are you worried that Glee’s Season 4 with all this talk of break-ups and new challenges sounds like a trip to Sadnessville? Then brace yourself, since a new set of spoilers isn’t sounding much cheerier!

According to E! Online, the start of Season 4 is “all about heartbreak.” Talk about a bummer. We’ve known that there will be a break-up within the first four episodes and possibly more than one! but it also turns out that “friends will be fighting” as well. Say what?!

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Frankly, this news is almost as stressful as the break-up news. We’d assumed that the McKinley gang would stick together through thick and thin, through good songs and bad. So which friends will be fighting? It’s possible that Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) are bickering, as they are known to do at times, especially if Kurt is down about missing out on NYADA. Or perhaps things are getting contentious in the choir room between the remaining New Directions members?

E! Online also revealed that “dreams will be dashed” in the early going of the season. But what does this mean exactly? We’d known that Rachel will have some struggles at NYADA, but we can’t imagine her dreams actually getting “dashed.” (Translation: Rachel is a fighter.) So is this about Kurt deciding to focus on fashion instead of performing? Or maybe Mercedes’ (Amber Riley) job in L.A. wasn’t all it was cracked up to be?

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And in slightly happier news (chin up, people!), Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) won’t be completely gone from the halls of McKinley just yet. “I’ll be popping in and seeing how the McKinley High kids are doing,” Harry says. Does this mean that the choir room hasn’t seen its last phenomenal dance performance from Mike and Brittany (Heather Morris)? Here’s hoping!

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