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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel and Brody’s Britney Spears “Sex Fest” — UPDATE

UPDATE: Vulture reveals that the Britney Spears classic Rachel and Brody will be performing is “Oops!... I Did It Again.”

Both Lea Michele and Dean Geyer warned us that Rachel and Brody’s dance during Glee’s Season 4, Episode 2 Britney Spears tribute would be “veeeery sexy” — but we didn’t realize it would be this much!

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos paid a visit to the Glee set on August 16, and her new video lays it all out in no uncertain terms. “I saw some things I’m not sure I can erase from my mind,” Kristen says in the vid.

“People are gyrating, humping tables, grabbing crotches it was a sex-fest. It was a live sex show, right in front of my very eyes.” And yes, this “sex-fest” will include plenty of interaction between Rachel and her hot new love interest, Brody.

“It’s Lea Michele and the new love interest basically having sex through a table,” Kristin says. “I think the table may have been impregnated, by the way.”

Credit: Lea Michele on Twitter    

Wait, would that mean the table gets to have little Dean Geyer babies? This is a first. We’ve never felt jealous of an inanimate object before.

However, just because Brody and Rachel are getting steamy on the dance floor, that doesn’t automatically mean they’re going to hook up on the show. "We haven't really been doing too much together," Lea tells E! Online. "Rachel asks him to help her with this number and that's kind of it for now."

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It seems that Miss Berry still only has eyes for one man. Lea continues, "Rachel, in the first few episodes, is really always thinking about Finn. She is all about Finn. That's where her head is at. And this guy Brody just kind of keeps sort of popping up a little bit. He's interested, so we'll see where it goes."

Careful, Rachel. After a steamy, choreographed Britney Spears “sex-fest,” there’s only so much farther you can go.

Source: E! Online, E! Online

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