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Hunger Games DVD Reveals Donald Sutherland’s Email to Gary Ross: President Snow Is Like Ted Bundy

An unusual treasure came buried among the many extras included in The Hunger Games DVD — one that revealed the inspiration and significance of President Coriolanus Snow’s rose garden scenes included in the film.

Donald Sutherland, the veteran actor who plays Snow, sent Hunger Games director Gary Ross an eloquent three-page email contemplating his character’s quest for power and his relationship to Katniss.

[R]oses are of great importance. And Coriolanus's eyes. And his smile. Those three elements are vibrant and vital in Snow. Everything else is, by and large, perfectly still and ruthlessly contained. What delight she [Katniss] gives him. He knows her so perfectly. Nothing, absolutely nothing, surprises him. He sees and understands everything. He was, quite probably, a brilliant man who's succumbed to the siren song of power.

As a result of Donald’s letter, Gary created the three scenes in Snow’s rose gardens to illustrate the president as both omniscient and evil. Most chilling, however, is Donald’s claim that President Snow is to his citizens what serial killer Ted Bundy was to his female victims. Donald writes, “Snow doesn't look evil to the people in Panem's Capitol. Bundy didn't look evil to those girls.”

So that’s why President Snow gives us the creeps.

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08.21.2012 / 03:42 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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