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The Bachelor

In Defense of Blakeley Jones: Why We’re Rooting For Her on Bachelor Pad 3 — Hooters And All

In a house full of lies, spies and ugly cries, we feel like Blakeley Jones is getting hated on unnecessarily. This lady has impressed us with her conviction, her guile, and her unwillingness to take Chris Bukowski’s nonsense. Here’s why we’re hoping this sexy scrapper wins Bachelor Pad 3.

She’s a Fighter!
Have you noticed that when Blakeley does a challenge, there’s no half-steppin’? We love her fierceness in challenges, and that she takes the game seriously. While she’s there to win and not to make friends, she’s not manipulating left and right to do it — Blakely seems like she’d rather win on her own steam than by steamrolling someone else.

She Won’t Be The Butt of The Joke
Hooters, tattoos, va-jay-jay waxing — Blakeley has handed her fellow housemates a lot of material with which to bust her chops, but she just lets it all roll off her back. While she may be the oldest woman in the house, she’s got a body like whoa, and the brains to back it up. Basically, she’s a total package, and we suspect the biggest haters are simply jealous. At least that’s what our moms said about mean girls when we were in junior high!

She’s Ambitious!
Blakeley took her future in her own hands when she recently switched careers and became an aesthetician. We know change is always scary — especially career changes — but Blakeley made a big, brave move because she has her eye on the prize when it comes to her own life, which is why we think she’s a serious contender for Bachelor Pad’s $250K prize!

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08.21.2012 / 06:50 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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